The mobile industry has seen rapid strides in the last decade with a tremendous increase in the usage of smart phones globally. There has been a remarkable development in the US mobility sector with estimated potential users of around 203 million. A significant thirty one percent of mobile Internet users use their smartphones as the primary means of accessing any information on the Internet. We are in the era of big data, cloud servers, and increasing mobile traffic by about 3.5 % per month. Bloomberg reported the consumption of smart phones will touch a gigantic figure of two billion sometime this year.

With the social media revolution the entire world seems to be shrinking into a small village. The availability of information and the ease of accessibility make a perfect two to tango in contemporary times. Almost all of the big and medium-sized enterprises have basked in the sun of the mobile revolution to gain a competitive advantage and position themselves smartly in their coveted segments. Even the small entrepreneurs and micro enterprises seem to be actively engaged to avoid missing the bus. All businesses are leveraging the mobile and big data revolution as a phenomenon to gain market share and assume a strong competitive foothold in the business landscape.

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